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Filmato introduttivo sull'area archeologica  

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Oltre Selinunte (Beyond Selinunte)
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durata 55 minuti - Filmato in italiano con sottotili in inglese
Director: Salvo Cuccia | Producer: Nicola Sofri & Eleonora Cordaro
Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2007 | Story Teller's Country: Italy
Tags: Environment, Europe, Greece, Italy, Science

Synopsis: Vincenzo Tusa, the chief of cultural heritage of western Sicily in the sixties, had the dream to save the archaeological site of ancient Selinunte, a Greek city of the 7th Century B.C., from property speculation: finally he reached his goal. From 1985, the archaeological area was closed and watched. He also assumed the "tombaroli" (grave robbers), inhabitants of the place, to work to the official diggings and to avoid the possibility of the continuation of stealing. He moreover prevented the mafia from constructing hotels close to the temples. After a long time, he comes back to the site to see the members of his staff....


The Metopes of Selinunte